About the project

'What if?' is the beginning of a series of educational animations for children (8-12 years old).

‘What if?’ explores the fascinating world of failed inventions. Throughout the years, many products have been invented that were better than existing products or were the solution for problems in our daily lives. Think of the electrical car around the beginning of the 20th century, inventor Nikola Tesla’s wireless energy or even X-ray shoe fitting devices.

But because of powerful companies, the lack of acceptance of consumers or design flaws they weren't a success. What if they were? Which positive effect could they have contributed to our daily lives?

‘What if?’ tries to give children a different perspective on the world. How did we end up using the products we use every day? Do we use these products because they are just better than the alternatives or is there more to it?

In every animation of the ‘What if?’ series a different invention is introduced, the positive points of it are explained and the reasons why it failed.